Broken wire extractor

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Screw extractor for removing damaged, rusted or peeling screws, bolts, fasteners, quick disassembly, saving time and effort.


  • 【Material】Made of high quality alloy, strong and durable.
  • 【Strong Compatibility】Double Head Broken Pipe Extractor Size 1/2" 3/4"; Dual Purpose; Hex Fixing Method and Rod.

  • 【Pipe Maintenance】During pipe maintenance, the screw extractor can be used to remove and clean broken pipe cables.
  • 【Dual-purpose tool】The screw extractor uses the principle of posterior teeth to remove broken pipe screws. This product is a dual-use type, can take out 4' and 6' water pipes
  • 【Damage Screw Extractor】Used to remove damaged, rusted or peeled screws, bolts, fasteners
  • 【Special Design】Reverse thread drill bit can easily remove screws, bolts, studs and threaded pipe fittings。
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