Solar underground light

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Colour:  8LED white light 1PCS19.99
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LED solar underground lights are used for outdoor lights, lawn fields, courtyard walks, swimming pool fences or any other places.
❤ Solar ground lighting colorful lights LED: its brightness is as high as 100lm, which is brighter than similar lights on the market. It has a built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery, which can be fully charged in 6-8 hours and can last for 8-10 hours. operating hours.
❤Bright and efficient: These lights will automatically turn on when it is dark, so you will always illuminate your road or make your garden more beautiful. Place it in a place that needs lighting at night. No need to replace wiring or batteries; use free solar energy.
❤Protection design: The external waterproof switch, not the pinhole switch, makes the operation easy, and the IP65 water resistance and stainless steel material make it suitable for outdoor use. It can effectively isolate water and fog.
❤Separable ground pile: equipped with detachable piles, these ground solar lights can provide a wider range of applications. No poles and piles are required, and the lamp holder is also suitable for flat surfaces. It is the perfect decoration for your table, step, balcony, pool fence or any other place.
❤Decorate beautiful gardens: Solar garden lights use LED bulbs, which can produce higher brightness. It can be installed in driveways, sidewalks and other areas on the lawn, in the yard, to illuminate the road for you, just like a shining diamond is the perfect decoration for a pool fence or any other place.
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